RoCon Construction


Quality Services

Interior Renovation

RoCon Construction has specialized in commercial renovations since its inception over a decade ago. Our project list has a range to include many industries. We have renovated medical equipment rooms, medical labs, conference rooms, classrooms, offices, bathrooms, lobby spaces, receptionist areas, sororities, pharmacies, pole buildings, large decks, well houses, and dorm spaces – just to name a few. While we mostly renovate interior spaces we occasionally make exterior modifications and we venture into the residential market from time to time. RoCon Construction is a General Contractor at heart with a tendency to self perform depending on scope and size.

Equipment Installation

RoCon Construction knows all too well that your project’s purpose may be focused on a certain piece of equipment or other structure. We are able to schedule projects in conjunction with delivery dates and make sure your equipment is installed in place and on time. We have had experience renovating spaces for MRI machines, x-ray equipment, pharmacy equipment, pump room equipment, conference room AV equipment, clean room equipment, and patient lifts. When your equipment needs installed or you want to renovate the space for, or around, your equipment, we know that scheduling, care, and protecting the equipment are most important. We want to express that we have plenty of experience with high profile and sensitive equipment and we are ready to prioritize your next installation.

Service Call

RoCon Construction has employees dedicated solely to helping with the daily mishaps or needs of our clients. Our focus is to make sure our clients and customers can depend on us to make every service call important. We value our service calls as much as we value our other projects because we want you to know you have someone that will make your immediate needs a priority. Some examples of what we have been called to perform is mold remediation, correct water damage, board up abandoned buildings, repair leaky pipes and the damage that was caused, perform small drywall patches, fix door hardware, and modify workspace desktops. We can help in your time of need whether it’s an emergency or a small modification and you can rely on us to provide a quality service.