RoCon Construction


RoCon Construction is a growing company. As RoCon grows, we need a team that can grow to fit the needs of the company.

What to Expect at RoCon:

At RoCon, we strive for excellence. We hire for three things: integrity, intelligence, and energy. It is our goal to equip you to complete a project in an efficient manner. We want to give you the tools you need to go from being “good” to being “excellent”.

The process:

If you apply for a position at RoCon, you will generally come in for an in-person interview. Should we feel you would be a good fit, we will ask for you to fill out a background check and employment application.
Pending a successful background check, we will get you in for training.

Your first few days will be in-office training and after that you will go out in the field with some more experienced employees.
Eventually, it is our hope that you can be going to jobs on your own and even run your own jobs.


Roles at RoCon: